My First Entry

Thank you so much for organising a prayer breakfast for me just before I left. It was incredible to see so much food and a lovely way to leave.

I’ve arrived safely in Blantyre. Everything went very smoothly and miracle of miracles all my luggage arrived at the same time. One case was damaged so I had to wait to report it. The 30 people in front of me were all reporting missing luggage. The only incident was at Heathrow, where a companion of the friend I was meeting was not allowed to board her plane. The Christian name on her ticket was slightly different to her passport. I was able to supply some numbers and make some suggestions, so that she could book an alternative flight to join the rest of the group in Israel today. Thank you for all those prayers.

It’s great to be back in Malawi with all the familiar sights and smells. It’s a tad hotter than the UK, somewhere between 35 and 40 degrees centigrade. From my house I can hear the youth choir practising for tomorrow’s service.

As we drove from the airport to where I live, I saw queue after queue of cars waiting for fuel. It really brought home to me the difficulties I’ve read so much about. At my home someone had very kindly bought me some food to get me started. I need to do a spot of cleaning before I unpack. There wasn’t any water when I arrived, which makes cleaning a tad difficult. Prayer for water, so I can get unpacked and settled would be much appreciated.

Neither my landline or mobile are working and I don’t yet have an internet connection. I hope to get a Malawian SIM card and sort out the internet at the beginning of next week. The landline may take a little longer! I’ll let you know the numbers in due course.

Love and blessings,