Chichewa / Language Acquisition

Thank you to everyone who has prayed about my Chichewa / language acquisition. There must have been a lot of prayer going up because I am absolutely amazed. I came back fully expecting to have lost a lot of what I’d learnt and have discovered that almost the reverse is true. I’ve had people saying ‘Gosh, Stephanie, you must have spent a lot of time on your Chichewa whilst you’ve been away.’ ‘No, I haven’t looked at it – I’ve done the Lord’s prayer in church two or three times and sung one chorus a few times and that’s it!’ It is most encouraging and a huge boost to my confidence.

All the Malawian staff at EBCoM are being very patient and encouraging me to speak in Chichewa. They are also telling each other off, if they hear someone speaking to me in English. ‘Chichewa only with her please.’ ‘The more we speak to her in Chichewa, the sooner she’ll be teaching.’ Thankfully, they do permit each other to translate and give me some clues when I haven’t understood. It is exactly what I need and I hope they won’t get bored too soon.