Practical Skills

Life is Malawi is always good for the acquisition of practical skills and ingenuity. When I returned the cooker had no knobs ... it does now, but they have no markings ... I do now know what is on and off, but getting the right temperature on the oven is still a matter of guess work. I’m extremely glad I brought an oven thermometer out with me! And sometime in the future I have the prospect of a new cooker to look forward to.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it, they were selling fridge thermometers next to the oven ones for only 99p. The first week the fridge was running at between 15 and 20 degrees. I was told, ‘it just needs patience and a bit of TLC and it will come back to life. It’s been off for a while.’ Someone else ‘I think it needs some gas.’ ‘Gas?’ Fridges, apparently sometimes need to have extra gas injected into the cylinder. I tried to get a quote and ended up with two engineers. Not quite sure how that happened. That fridge is fine ... they all work like that at this time of the year!

Then a carpenter, the bursar and the maintenance guy at EBCoM and I have been redesigning my windows ... a lot of the mosquito mesh was broken. How can we use the same materials, spend virtually no money and have something that is better. I am now awaiting the sample ... and hoping it arrives quickly because I am now keeping certain windows shut to avoid the mosquitoes and it’s a tad warm!