We have a thriving youth work headed up by our full time youth worker, an intern youth worker and a strong team of volunteers.

Our Youth Work aim is to bring each Young Person we encounter through the following 4 stages… but we commit to work with a young person even if they chose not to progress through all stages.

- Relationship Building
- Nurture (of an established relationship)
- Proclamation
- Discipleship

We have a range of youth events through the week and weekend (see website for details) and have seen the numbers of young people grow through specifically seeking strong local partners to work with.

As a Church we invest in the local community by providing our youth worker to manage the Broomfields Youth Project which is a partnership project with the Police, Council, YFC, local churches, football club and school. This youth work meets with approx. 130 young people every Friday night (involving many volunteers from Hill Cliffe) and provides somewhere for the youth to go and someone for them to talk with. This project has been greatly blessed and has recently received 2 awards including the Chief Constable’s commendation and a national award.