Mens Breakfast

The Men’s Breakfast is part of the Men’s Ministry at Hillcliffe Baptist Church. The Primary purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to enable men to seek and worship God effectively, and share brotherly fellowship in a friendly, relevant and relaxing environment.

The Men’s Breakfast is run once a month at 6:30am on a Wednesday. For men in a hectic society where managing time between work, family and God can be difficult, the early morning may be the only time they have available. Its remarkable how many men are prepared to rise early to put God first in their day.

We serve a buffet breakfast usually consisting of cereal, toast, bacon and sausages. The men grab breakfast and have time to chat with others on their table. There is a short presentation (talk or video) followed by time in small groups to discuss the issued raised. We always conclude with prayer.

Its fantastic to see the men leaving at 7:30 ready to face their day having met with God first.

The group is held once a month usually between 6.30 - 7.30am on a Wednesday, but special meals are also held on occasions. See upcoming events.

For more information contact Joseph Martin: