Hill Cliffe’s 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting
22 Feb – 8 April 2023

Each year we encourage everyone in our church family to do a spiritual journey together through the Lent season – reading, listening and praying individually – yet together using the same resource.  
CLICK HERE for the 40 Days Programme

We also encourage you to take time to share in your small groups, and in your friendship groups, how you feel God is speaking to you or to the church family during this season - discuss and pray about it together.

Share any discernment concerning the church family with Stuart (stuart.mcphail@hillcliffe.info) for discussion with the Leadership Team.
This year our collective daily lent programme includes...

Daily Reading
We'll read the whole of Mark's Gospel in small chunks over 40 days.  The full schedule is on this leaflet.

Daily Prayer
Each day there is a suggested prayer focus to pray into

Daily Fasting
Sacrificing something each day (eg. 30min of TV, internet surfing, gaming, reading the paper with lunch, etc) so that we can devote this time to God using the daily Prayer and Fasting programme for 40 Days.

Daily Journalling
Each day make a note of how you feel God is speaking to you today - and how you might best respond. And if there is anything you feel God might be saying to Hill Cliffe Church - note that too.