Church Membership at Hill Cliffe 

There are 3 key elements to how we describe Membership at Hill Cliffe.

Church Members are:

COMMITTED – to our Church Family, our Church Covenant (Values), our shared Vision Emphasis and our Leadership

INVOLVED – in our Church Family Gatherings, Ministries and Vision

INVESTING – in our Church Family Resources and Vision Emphasis


If you would like to explore becoming a member at Hill Cliffe please contact Stuart or Katharine

They will arrange to chat with you about membership and any questions you might have.
If you’d like to become a member, they will set up a meeting for you with someone from our church leadership team and a church member.
They will then discuss this with the Leadership Team and we will take a recommendation to the next Church Members’ Meeting, at which point the Church will vote on this proposal.
New members will then be welcomed into church membership at the next available Church Service on Sunday


Annual Church Covenant

As a Church Membership we have committed that each year we will covenant together on the basis of our agreed Church Values (Based on Baptist Union Values) in God’s strength.

This covenant represents our desire and aspiration to live a godly life in following Jesus, and to do so with the support, fellowship and accountability of our brothers and sisters in the Hill Cliffe Church Family.

What it does not represent is the pretence that we are going to fulfil our aspirations perfectly.